invitation to the bridge

the museum of innocence mildura (MIM) is located in the former ADFA building (the australian dried fruits association) in central mildura.
it’s home for arts mildura and gallery F, an artists’ run exhibition and performance space.
MIM proposes an approach to contemporary practice that’s inclusive, interdisciplinary and community-focused.
it invites artists, writers, musicians, dancers, scientists and mathematicians to come to mildura for a period and to share their insights, discoveries and outcomes with local artists and the mildura community.
MIM suggests that its tabula rasa approach to knowing and feeling can most effectively bridge whatever gaps may exist between those engaged in creative thinking and acting and those who consider themselves onlookers.
the distance between the lived experience of each may be far more minute than either can imagine.
MIM’s intention is to dissolve the boundaries that define that gap and populate them with members of all communities.

(Image: Construction of span bridge Mildura 1927.  Image from Public Record Office Victoria,, VPRS 12800 P7,C/0712)

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