Mildura Fringe Lane way Fest Dec 15

In keeping with Arts Mildura Fringe Festival goal to uncover local hidden gems, reclaim our urban spaces and celebrate the diversity of our community AM Fringe is pleased to present “SUMMER THRILLS”,  a lane way festival in Tschirpig Lane.

Locals will know the location, entered via Deakin Avenue between Ninth and Eighth St and populated by several well-known local businesses.  It has a great Mildura CBD atmosphere, and along with that and the offering from the Mildura Fringe Committee, it will be an event not to be missed!

Tickets are only $10 – why would you miss out?   GET TICKETS


China Beach
Karate Boogaloo
Easy Browns


The Corporate Moose


Goddess Gathering at MIM

Mildura Goddess Gathering Nov 10-11 2018 was attended by 17 women from throughout the state who gathered at MIM to deepen their personal understanding of what Goddess means to them, in both contexts of Goddess culture, and the Australian experience.

Through a series of expertly guided workshops the women explored many stories ancient and new, and archetypes that populate the Goddess culture and the information that surrounds it.  Participants were then invited to make their own personal journey into their feminine power and creativity via the Goddess.

The weekend’s event was organised by local goddess, Jenny Carver.

“The MIM gallery was a terrific space.  We used it all, with 4 altars to the directions of the elements; and using the larger space to learn and practice sacred dance.”

Comments from attendees included:

  • it felt safe to be in a woman-centred space
  • How centering it was to be with other goddess women
  • “I usually practice alone”
  • Sharing the love of goddess and finding goddess within was a beautiful experience!
  • I didn’t know much about Rhiannon: now I feel I know her!

Please contact MIM if you would like any further information re this post!  We appreciate all your comments! (admin)


Under the Lithosphere Nov 11

Linda Luke (NSW) and Kim Kerze (TAS) have been our visiting artists in residence this week, working alongside local artist Rachel Kendrigan, on an intensive one week exploration project Under the Lithosphere.

Drawing research ideas from the Martin Redfern text ‘The Earth- A Very Short Introduction’ and responding to local landscapes, the artists bring together sound, movement, drawing and performance to research and create a response to deep time, and deep earth, in the Museum of Innocence.

‘Only 30 kilometres from Mildura lies a place which we can never visit. This is a place of almost unimaginable heat and pressure. We exist on the crust, our understanding of the place underneath only able to be generated through explorations of imagination’

Please join us for an informal showing of the explorations:
Museum of Innocence
33 Deakin Avenue
Sunday 11th November at 7.30pm