Goddess Gathering at MIM

Mildura Goddess Gathering Nov 10-11 2018 was attended by 17 women from throughout the state who gathered at MIM to deepen their personal understanding of what Goddess means to them, in both contexts of Goddess culture, and the Australian experience.

Through a series of expertly guided workshops the women explored many stories ancient and new, and archetypes that populate the Goddess culture and the information that surrounds it.  Participants were then invited to make their own personal journey into their feminine power and creativity via the Goddess.

The weekend’s event was organised by local goddess, Jenny Carver.

“The MIM gallery was a terrific space.  We used it all, with 4 altars to the directions of the elements; and using the larger space to learn and practice sacred dance.”

Comments from attendees included:

  • it felt safe to be in a woman-centred space
  • How centering it was to be with other goddess women
  • “I usually practice alone”
  • Sharing the love of goddess and finding goddess within was a beautiful experience!
  • I didn’t know much about Rhiannon: now I feel I know her!

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