southern hemisphere summer solstice

dear friends

you are invited to spend 5, 50 or 500 minutes at the museum of
innocence through the evening of december 21, on the night of the 2017
southern hemisphere summer solstice.
the offering of very quiet keyboard and voice begins at 8.37 pm
(sunset) and extends through the night and beyond the solstice moment
(10.13 pm).

this night marks the beginning of the planet’s journey through
increasing darkness for those of us who live in the southern
hemisphere and towards increasing light for those who inhabit the
northern hemisphere.

this time together sitting quietly in mim simply marks an
acknowledgement of such moments, as they offer opportunities for
reflection, re-definition and the re-calibration of the lives of both
our individual selves and those of the communities we live in.

the sounds that manifest through mim demand nothing from the listener
other than the mindful contemplation of what unfolds and the
willingness to sit quietly as it does.

it’s not the appropriate context to hold conversations or engage in
distracting behaviour.
it is the right context to maintain a respectful silence and to open
ears and heart.

if experiencing this quiet space appeals to you then please come along
and maintain your mindful presence in it for as long as serves your
purpose through thursday evening.

there is no cost and you may bring a drink with you, modest in
quantity and in alcoholic content.

i look forward to your company on thursday evening.

if this interests you please disseminate this invitation to your
circle of friends


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