Tsuka – An Exhibition of Contemporary Japanese Photography

“Tsuka is a concept I first discovered while living and working in Japan in 2000 from the wonderful yet disturbing Alex Kerr book Dogs and Demons: Tales from the Dark Side of Japan. This complex Japanese concept has since been latent in my mind and influenced much of my own photography and curatorial practice. The concept has been extended further through an appreciation of Japanese photography and its culture and inspired by other poignant readings. These readings range from Japanese ‘junbungaku’ novels from authors such as Yukio Mishima and Osamu Dazai, as well as important photography texts translated in Setting Sun: Writings by Japanese Photographers edited by Ivan Vartanian, Akihiro Hatanaka and Yutaka Kambayashi, the classic cinema of Yasujiro Ozu and more recently Yasujiro Ozu and of course Haruki Murakami.

Beyond its incarnation as an exhibition at the Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, (and hopefully other locations), the project attempts to present and explore imagery and ideas from the complex and often impenetrable ‘photoland’ of Japan… ‘ curator Dr. Kristian Haggblom [read more]

This wonderful exhibition will be on show at MIM until 18th August, and represents the inaugural use of splendid new portable display modules purpose built and donated by the generous ‘Vivian-Lake’ foundation!

For more details of Tsuka, go to the dedicated website https://www.tsukaproject.com

Pics from Tsuka at Museum of Innocence Milura:

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